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Humans have had a love affair with boats ever since our Stone Age forebears first paddled away from shore in a dug-out tree trunk. That’s why a cruise is an experience that’s quite different and quite special. As soon as you step on board you feel like you’re embarking on an adventure.

There’s something utterly seductive about that horizon-wide expanse of glittering waves, the gentle, rock-a-bye-baby rhythms of the ship, the fiery sunsets over wild coastlines, the oceans of galaxies like powdered crystal in the night sky, the serene and leafy bays of morning anchorage.

There’s also the delicious laziness of it all. You just don’t have a care in the world. All you do is stretch out by the pool, lunch out at the bar or restaurant, or rock out in the nightclub - meanwhile the hotel does your travelling for you.

A cruise is like a holiday wrapped in chocolate, so luxurious it’s practically sinful. You really ought to try it at least once, but don’t be surprised if you get hooked.

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