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Why make your own way?

These deals are the same as our rail and coach breaks in every respect save one - we don’t transport you, you transport yourself.

Ok, why would I want to do that?

Well it’s cheaper, for one thing, because we’re doing less for you. But actually some customers prefer it, because you have complete freedom over when you go and when you come back. You can have a totally lazy break and dawdle along as late as you please, or else you can be super-early and squeeze every last drop out of the break.

Making your own way means no keeping an eye on the clock, no wondering whether you’ve got time to visit this palace or that museum before the coach or train leaves, no mad scramble as you rush for the rendezvous. You’re in complete control of what you do and when you do it.

Besides, driving even long distances doesn’t have to be a chore if there are two of you, because you can spell each other at the wheel, and if you go at night when the roads are clear, it’s plain sailing all the way.

Making your own way isn’t for everyone, but while some would swear at it, others will swear by it.


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